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Here at Growing Smiles Fundraising we offer two major fundraisers every year! Plants are successful fundraisers because people everywhere love to have beautiful flowers in their homes and gardens. We offer a great selection of products at wholesale prices to make this a popular and profitable fundraiser. A green and healthy alternative to many other fundraising options selling plants is the way to go!

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Request an information package and download materials to review.
  2. Once you have decided to do the fundraiser you need to register your group! You can do this online here, or by emailing us at and calling us at 1-866-806-1523.
  3. Book a delivery date and plan your campaign. We are here to help with this!
  4. Launch your fundraiser! Get everyone as excited and motivated as possible. Collect sales and really promote your fundraiser!
  5. Collect all the order forms back and tally up the final order (remember to round everything to the correct multiples where needed!). Don’t forget to include online sales if you used your website.
  6. Submit your final order to Growing Smiles Fundraising online. You will receive an order confirmation with the total amount owing to make a cheque.
  7. We will deliver the plants to your central location so that you can distribute them to your customers. Remember to have volunteers ready for this day!
  8. Payment is due upon delivery, payable by one cheque made out to ‘Growing Smiles Fundraising’.
  9. Finished! Enjoy your plants and the much-deserved money you have raised!

Spring Fundraiser


Celebrate Mother's Day and Earth Day with a flower fundraiser! It's a great time to raise money for a school, sports team, church or community group. With a splash of colour these plants will be sure to liven up any space!

Registration: Begins January! Call for more details.
Fundraising: Between February and May
Delivery: Between Late April and Early June

*Book your delivery early to get a preferred delivery date!

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Winter Fundraiser


The winter holidays are the perfect time to run a successful fundraiser! Everyone loves poinsettias over the holidays - it''s even better when they can support a great cause at the same time.

Registration: Begins in September! Call for more information.
Fundraising: Begins late August.
Delivery: Between November and early December.

*Book your delivery early to get a preferred delivery date!

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Fall Fundraiser


Beautiful mums are the ideal Fall fundraiser for your group! The timing is great for new sports teams and extracurricular groups. The plants are ready around the start of the school year and practically sell themselves.

Registration: Begins in June! Call us today!
Fundraising: Begins July.
Delivery: Between late August and mid September.

*Book your delivery early to get a preferred delivery date!

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