Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  1. How do I sign up? You can sign up your team by registering on-line here, emailing us at or calling us toll-free at 1-866-806-1523. A representative will confirm all the necessary information to get you started, we make it as easy as possible for you!
  2. How do I get started once I have registered? It’s very simple. First, you will need to plan your campaign by picking a start date and calling us to schedule a delivery date (the “Timeline” and “Goal Planning” documents are great worksheets to help you get organized). Delivery dates must be booked in advance! Next make enough copies of the order form for each of your team members and you are ready to go. SELL SELL SELL!!
  3. When should the fundraiser begin? It is entirely up to you but we recommend you begin as early as possible. A successful fundraiser usually needs to collect sales for at least 2–3 weeks.

Collecting Sales

  1. How do my customers place their order? Directly with you or your fundraisers. Order Forms are available for download from our website here. We can also email a customized order form to you if desired. In addition to the order forms we also set up a Personalized Team Website for each group. This website can be used to market your fundraiser to friends and family on-line (social media is a great tool!). Your customers will be able to place orders to you on your website. Please remember that payment will need to be made directly to you via cheque, cash or by using PayPal (if offered by your group) and these orders will also need to be included in your final tally when you submit your order. DeVry does not receive any of the on-line orders submitted by your customers to you.
  2. Who do my customers make their cheques out to? Your customers will need to make their cheques out to you or your organization. DeVry Greenhouses cannot accept any personal/third-party cheques from your customers.
  3. My customer wants a receipt – how do I give them one? You can give your customer a receipt by using our basic receipt form on the downloads page. Another option could be to use a receipt book or create your own in a word document. DeVry cannot issue receipts to your customers.
  4. Do I charge my customers tax? Unfortunately DeVry is unable to give tax advice due to legal requirements. This will vary based upon different regions, groups and sales. Please contact your accountant or a tax advisor to find out.
  5. Do you have printouts that I can use? Yes, on our website there are several resources in the “Downloads” section available for you to use. Here there are posters, tips for selling and organizational worksheets. If you cannot find what you are looking for please call, or email us, and we would be happy to help you.

Using PayPal

  1. How do I set up PayPal on my website? It is really easy to link PayPal on your website so that you can collect payments online! Please visit the Setup section of your team website to enable. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions!
  2. Do I have to use my own PayPal Account? Yes, it is really easy to set-up a free account for the school/group specifically! For smaller groups it may be an option to use one of the coordinator’s PayPal accounts if you are comfortable with that.
  3. What if I do not want to use PayPal to collect online payments? If you do not want to use PayPal then you don’t have to! Just don’t put anything in the “PayPal box” on the Customize your Site page and your customers won’t even see the option to pay when they submit their orders. The PayPal payment button is ONLY activated and set up automatically when you enter in your PayPal information.
  4. How will I know if my customer’s payment went through? When one of your customers submits an order online you will automatically receive an email letting you know that an order has been placed. After they submit the order they will have the option to pay using PayPal. If they do decide to pay using PayPal they will be brought to the PayPal website to process the order. After the order is processed you will receive an email notifying you of the PayPal payment received on the account and which Order # it is associated with (this email will be sent to the email address associated with the PayPal account). Now, when you login to your team website and click “View Orders” you will be able to see this order in the “Paid” column of the summary. When customers do not proceed to payment after submitting their order the “Paid” column will show $0.00.
  5. Will my customer receive a receipt? Yes. When your customer pays on-line they will receive an email with the receipt to their preferred email address entered on the PayPal account. They will also have the opportunity to print the order confirmation from your website after submission & both receipts will have the corresponding Order # for cross referencing.
  6. Why do I have to pay the service fees? Just as in any other business there are small fees associated with collecting credit card payments. By offering this service to your customer you have the potential to boost your sales and must pay the “per transaction” fees associated with PayPal. If you like you may pass these fees on to your customers by including them in the retail price of the plants when you set the pricing on-line.
  7. Do I still need to include the orders that have already been paid by PayPal in my final order to Growing Smiles? Yes. It is just like collecting regular orders from your customers; you have just added another form of payment. We cannot see these transactions on our end and are unable to add them to your final order. Please remember to add your on-line orders to your paper-form orders before sending us your final numbers!
  8. Can I use PayPal to issue payment to Growing Smiles? No. Unfortunately, at this time we are not set up with a PayPal account and cannot receive PayPal or credit card payments for team orders.

Ordering & Invoices

  1. When is my final order due to Growing Smiles Fundraising? Your order is due at least one week prior to your scheduled delivery date this helps ensure that it will be processed and shipped on time.
  2. How do I submit our final order? After you collect all the order forms you must tally your sales – don’t forget to add in your online orders too! Please send us your total order online by using your team website. Remember to submit your order in the correct multiples.
  3. Why does my order need to be in multiples? Our products need to be shipped in multiples for two reasons 1. They are shipped in boxes to protect them from damages during transport and 2. The colors often come from different greenhouse locations.
  4. What are the multiples that plants need to be ordered in?
    • Spring:
    • 12" items need to be ordered in multiples combined (mix & match okay)
      (Hanging baskets, patio planters & strawberry baskets)
    • 10 pack items need to be ordered in multiples of 10 (mix & match okay)
      (Zonal geraniums, herbs/tomatoes, marigolds & petunias)
    • Winter:
    • 6.5” poinsettias need to be ordered in multiples of 6 by color (cannot mix & match colors)

    **Everything else is ordered individually**

  5. Is there a minimum order? Not necessarily. However, in order to qualify for FREE delivery to your location you must order one full cart of product. (Mix & matching products is fine)
  6. What is one cart of product? This is not always easy to figure out as the products vary when we mix and match. To give you a general idea: it takes 48 x 12" items to make a full cart OR 60 x flat items (60 packs of 10). For example: 24 x 12" items and 30 x flat items would make a full cart and qualify for free shipping! When in doubt please ask for help!
  7. What is the delivery charge if I do not have one full cart of product? This charge varies by your location please contact your coordinator to find out. (usually $35 - $55)
  8. How do I guarantee our selection? The earlier you choose your delivery date the better. As we move later into the season and ship heavily through our varieties it is not possible to guarantee your colors. Having said that, we will update you on our color availability and give you our word that we will do our absolute best to get everyone their preferred products and colors.
  9. When will I get an invoice? After you submit your order to Growing Smiles Fundraising online it is processed, and you should receive an email with your Order Confirmation within 48 hours. If you do not receive this order confirmation please call us to ensure that your order was successfully submitted. The Order Confirmation will show the exact amount owing and you will receive an actual Invoice with your plants on the day of delivery.
  10. Are taxes included? No, taxes are NOT included in the pricing information. We will add applicable taxes (such as HST, GST or PST) to your order when we send you the order confirmation and invoice it.

Delivery & Payment

  1. What day will my plants be delivered? Please call us to schedule a delivery date in advance! This is very important as specific dates are on a “first-come, first-serve basis”. Scheduling in advance will ensure that you get your preferred date and allow you to plan your campaign. Your order due date is also based on your delivery date.
  2. What time will my plants be delivered? Our delivery schedules are not confirmed until a day before your expected delivery. When we receive the ETA’s for your delivery we will call you so you can arrange to have someone meet the delivery. The ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is usually a 4-hour window.
  3. What should I expect on delivery day? Plants will be delivered to your central group location. We usually advise that you have the parent pick-up date either the day following your delivery date or in the evening after your delivery. This helps avoid any extra confusion and headaches if the delivery is running late, or you need some time to organize the plants prior to parent pick-up (as it can be hectic to receive/organize/distribute plants once a crowd arrives). We will update you on delivery as much as possible as we now have GPS on almost all trucks! Hooray!!
  4. Can you deliver to my house? Most of our deliveries are made using 75’ long semi-trucks which can be very difficult to maneuver in residential areas. We prefer to make deliveries to locations with loading docks or big parking lots that give our trucks room to turn around in (such as schools, arenas, churches, business locations with loading docks, etc.) If you need to make other arrangements please call us first! The more information we have for our drivers the smoother delivery day will go.
  5. How and when do I pay? Payment will be required at the time of delivery. Please pay the exact amount showing on the Order Confirmation you received after submitting your order (this is your invoice). The cheque needs to be payable to “Growing Smiles Fundraising”. If you would like to pay by cash the exact amount owing must be used as our drivers are unable to make change. Unfortunately at this time we are not set up to accept PayPal or credit card payments.

Plant Care & Quality Concerns

  1. How do I protect plants once they arrive? There are different care instructions for all the plants that we deliver. Please view them under the “Plant Care” tab. There are also print-outs that can be sent home with the plants on our “Downloads” page.
  2. What can we expect if we have major quality problems? Please check your plants before you pay the driver, if there are any quality problems or discrepancies call our office right away! One of our fundraising representatives will talk it over with you and resolve the problem before the driver leaves. If you have any quality concerns after please notify your representative within 48 hours of delivery with any concerns so that we can take care of you.
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